The Dionne Quiltuplets welcome you and we are excited to share our quilting experiences!

We have always been interested in crafts and hand-made objects. We’ve been spinners, weavers, painters, knitters, scrapbookers and (of course) quilters. Though we’ve been making quilts in our family for a long time, it hasn’t been until the last few years that quilting has become a real passion. It’s a craft that allows us to come together and create useful items, pieces of art and, most importantly, memories. Through this blog, we are recording the lessons we’ve learned, documenting our heritage and sharing flashes of inspiration. It also allows us to connect with each other when we’re living in different cities or balancing busy schedules.

Here the Quiltuplets:

The first generation: Lise – The family matriarch and origin of our shared love of sewing.

The second generation: Sisters Suzanne, Michèle and Natalie

The third generation: Sisters Emily (Michèle) and Stéphanie (Michèle) along with their cousin Jérémie (Natalie)


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