Comme sur des roulettes


Ceci est mon projet le plus récent. J’ai fait cette courte-pointe pour ma fille qui adore faire de la planche à roulettes, et je lui ai offerte à Noel. C’est le patron Skateboard Quilt de Missouri Star Quilt Company. J’ai mis deux épaisseurs de rembourrage pour qu’elle soit plus chaude sur un lit. Je l’ai piquée à la machine avec un motif d’étoiles car j’appelle toujours ma fille “ma petite étoile”. Elle aime bien s’envelopper dans sa courte-pointe quand elle regarde la télé!

This is my most recent quilt. I made it for my skateboard-loving daughter for Christmas. It is the Skateboard Quilt pattern from the Missouri Star Quilt COmpany. I put two layers of batting in it to make it warmer to put on a bed. I quilted it with a star pantograph on the longarm because I always call my daughter “my little star”. She loves to cuddle up in it while watching TV!

Farm-themed baby quilt

With a new addition to the family, there was a need for a new quilt! Since I’ve recently moved to a more rural area, the other quiltuplets decided to make a farm-themed baby blanket. It’s simple, adorable and I love it! It features a pieced barn block in the centre, with churn dash blocks in the corners. The fabrics feature farm animals and fruit.

With Christmas coming up, I have a few project that I’m frantically trying to finish. I hope to be able to share them soon!


Disco quilt- Complete!

More than 4 years after deciding to make a quilt together, B and I have finally finished! Since starting the quilt, degrees have been finished (and almost finished), babies born, new jobs started and new homes bought. Making this quilt has been quite the journey, so I’m excited to share the final result!

The finished top: ironed and ready to quilt!

Unloading the quilt from the longarm machine.

And finally: the finished product!

I tried machine stitching the binding for the first time. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out and how much faster it was to complete!

As soon as B got home, she put it on her bed and sent a picture. I love how fresh and bright it looks!

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Mystery quilt

I recently started the Gathering Mystery quilt at Cora’s Quilts. I used this opportunity to buy some more fabric! I decided use all Kaffe Fassett Collective, since I love the patterns but have never used only those fabrics in a quilt. Hyggeligt Fabrics has a great selection for those looking to order from a Canadian store!


I cut all the pieces, and have completed the clues for week 2 and 3. img_5796.jpg

I love how the colours are coming together and can’t wait to share the next weeks!


Round Robin #3

We finally got around to making the exchange for the next round! I thought we made the last exchange at Thanksgiving, but I’ve been informed it was actually last May! A quick check to the blog post confirms this fact, so I hope the next few round will be a bit faster.

Here is our progress:


The addition to this one is the little scene showing my grandparents’ old house. Pieces of fabric from all the round robin quilt have been added. Can you identify them?

IMG_5811Fabulous feathers and an arrow have been added to this string quilt.


Stripes and circles were added here. This was my contribution and I would probably applique the circles if I did it again. I got a lot of practice with curves though!


The simplicity of the flying geese border helps to brighten up this piece.

More flying geese and teacups in the corners, partially obscured by a baby that refused to move. One of the teacups features the little red robin!


These flying geese bring out the triangle theme from the centre and continue to feature Kaffe Fassett fabric (always a favourite!).

I hope you enjoy the update on progress, and I hope the next instalment will take less time than 11 months!

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Valentine’s a bit late.

My Grandmother turned 101 years old in the beginning of February.  I wanted to make a little something to celebrate her birthday . I sewed some hearts and stringed them  with a sisal cord.


(I got my inspiration for the hearts from the Valentine Throw Pillow Tutorial on the Diary of a Quilter blog.)

I wanted to see what it would like hanging on a wall or in my case, the fireplace. I loved my hearts! For a moment, I thought I would keep it.


But it looked even better at my Grandma’s.


PS Can you image how many quilts we could make if we all lived to 101!!

Encore un sac!

Je vais assister à la fête d’anniversaire d’une bonne amie demain – elle aura 40 ans!  Alors j’ai décidé de lui faire un sac, mais d’essayer un nouveau patron cette fois, pour faire changement.  La belle-soeur de ma soeur m’a prêté le patron Sonoma Swing Bag de Pink Sand Beach Designs car elle l’avait essayé et l’avait aimé.  Alors je l’ai fait, avec des tissus plutôt modernes, et une gamme de couleurs que je savais que mon amie aimerait.  J’ai mis du Soft and Stable (de entre les épaisseurs de tissus pour lui donner de la raideur et de la stabilité.  Même si j’ai eu quelques petits obstacles, je suis contente du résultat final.  J’espère que mon amie le sera aussi!

(Et elle ne connait pas encore l’existence de ce site, alors je peux y mettre la photo du sac!)