HAPPY 2017!

I have been meaning to post for awhile, but didn’t realize how long it’s been until I went to make a post and realized I’d forgotten my password. Oops!

So with a new year, and a fresh start, I am once again making a resolution to post more frequently. By more frequently I mean once per month, but I’d like to eventually get new content on our blog weekly.

Without further ado, here is the update on my unfinished projects! I finished two projects, the rag quilt and placemats for a friend. I want to say I hated making the rag quilt. Making all those little cuts was tedious and hurt my hand, and all for a quilt that’s supposed to look like it’s made from rags!


Rag quilt – finished!


The other project I finished was a set of placemats for a friend who got married. I did quilt-as-you-go for each one and chose bright coloured fabrics to complement my friend’s very cheery personality.

To give the gift, I got inspiration from a jelly roll and use a simple white ribbon to show off the colours of the mats.

I’m happy to have finished these projects – now on to the other 30!!!


p.s. I wish everyone a happy 2017, and the best of wishes in getting to those UFOs!

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