Unfinished Business

In my November post, I mentioned how I thought I had 10-15 quilting projects on the go. At the best of times I’m not the best at completing projects, but trying to navigate the new world of motherhood and working on my PhD has brought the number of quilts to finish to a whole new level. My mum challenged me to list all my unfinished quilts and to not start any new projects before finishing an old one. So, here is my list (in no particular order):

  1. ) Michael Miller Cotton Couture ChallengeIMG_5064

Started a few years and intended for a Modern Quilt Guild Challenge, this one is on my design wall and close to being finished. I wanted to try a lone star quilt, and this gave me a great opportunity to try!

2) Blue and Green curvesIMG_5065

Excited after learning about curves at a quilt guild meeting, I decided to used a set of blue and green solids to make this curvy quilt.

3) Jelly roll quiltIMG_5066

I won a jelly roll and had this yarn-dyed linen lying around so I just HAD to make something…

4) Foundation paper piecingIMG_5067

I love foundation paper piecing! I also wanted to design my own quilt. This is the result of those two thoughts.

5) KaleidoscopeIMG_5069

I love the idea of kaleidoscope quilts! So I started one and realized that I probably didn’t choose the greatest fabric for it. But I hope to salvage it!

6) Half-Square Triangle quilt


I wanted a new quilt for my bed.

7) Baby wall hangingIMG_5072

I wanted to make something for the baby. She’s almost one, so I will hopefully finish soon so it will actually have a chance to hang in her room!

8) English paper piecing 1 (Grandmother’s flower garden)


I wanted to try a project that I could take anywhere with me. This hexie quilt fit the bill! Here it is all-basted, mid-quilting. Since it was pieced by hand I wanted to quilt it by hand as well.

9) English paper piecing 2


Since I loved the first EPP quilt so much…

10) Crazy quilting with scrapsIMG_5074

I have tons of scraps and wanted to use them! Especially the pieces that are too small or weirdly shaped to keep for other projects.

11) Riley Blake Sashing Stash ChallengeIMG_5075

Boy, was this one a challenge! I was close to finishing it for the deadline, but just had too much schoolwork and had to give up before the end.

12) Pick-up sticksIMG_5077

Inspired by a block swap at the quilt guild. I love the bright colours!

13) Mini-quilt clubIMG_5079

I joined a mini-quilt club. This is the first of six; I haven’t started the other five.


This one was nearly completed in an afternoon from a mini-charm pack. Only a few inches of binding left!

15) Falling Leaves IMG_5082

This is a quilt I started awhile ago (I want to say 10 years?). I finally quilted it and now all that remains is the binding.

16) Rag quiltIMG_5083

I’m never doing one of these again. All I have left is clipping the edges, but it is so tedious and hurts my hand.

17) DisappointmentIMG_5085

I loved the pattern and I had a vision of the final product. But as it came together… the colours I chose didn’t end up as expected. And the number of points to piece together accurately became a chore as I realized how much I disliked the colour choices.

18) Block of the monthIMG_5086

My sister, mum and I all did a block of the month with our own colour choices. This was started a few years ago and none of us has finished. All that is left on mine is the binding!

19) Baby quiltIMG_5087

The piecing was ok, but the quilting didn’t turn out so well. It’s small and almost done so I might as well finish it.

20) CirclesIMG_5090

I had two layer cakes and a pattern! But my momentum slowed after some botched quilting.

21) Log cabinIMG_5091

A finished top for a lap blanket – ready to quilt!

22) Aiming for AccuracyIMG_5092

I did the Aiming for Accuracy quilt-along and use the extra fabric to start piecing the back (shown here in a messy pile).

23) AppliqueIMG_5094

I wanted to try some applique.

24) Modern Quilt Guild Triangle ChallengeIMG_5095

I cut the pieces using the template for the challenge. I got a few blocks done, but not by the deadline.

25) Baby shower quiltIMG_5096

This was only started a few weeks ago. I had guests at my friend’s baby shower decorate squares for a quilt.

26) Round RobinIMG_5098

This is my piece to work on this round for the round robin!

27) DiscoIMG_5101

Technically, this isn’t my unfinished project. I’m helping a friend make her very first quilt! But, it sits in my sewing room so I include it on my list.

28) Advent calendar paper piecingIMG_5102

This was obviously not completed during advent…

29) PlacematsIMG_5104

This is a gift for my friend. A wedding gift. She was married nearly a year ago, but I only have a few inches of binding left!

30) Rain drops


I had a couple of layer cakes and wanted to design my own pattern.


31) First quiltIMG_5103

These are the leftover blocks from my first quilt, started 15 years ago. This top is close to being done but I had some problems with the border and it needs fixing before being quilted.

So, there you have it! My list of unfinished quilts is a LOT longer than I expected and I admit to being a bit embarrassed about it. I will challenge myself to finish not one but two quilts before starting a new one. I hope to be down to single digits by 2025!

Thanks for reading!


p.s. My mum just reminded me about one more quilt!

32) Quilt for brother


Gift that sister and I have been working on. Close to completion!


4 thoughts on “Unfinished Business

  1. Oh wow. I was just thinking about making a list of all of my UFOs today….and I’m scared to do it!! Maybe if I just make the list for myself. I’m very embarrassed at how many I will have!! (I get bored easily…ha!)

  2. Hi Emily: I found you. I’m over at sunlightinwinterquilts if you want to find me. You take really good photos. I don’t know how many w.i.p.s I have I’m thinking 10 but if I’m anything like you we know it’s really more.

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