Bits of thread everywhere! (but not anymore…)

The way my sewing table is set up there is no room for the garbage bin within arms reach when I am sitting at my machine. It gets in the way of my feet or the ironing board and inevitably gets moved off to the side and I end up with little piles of thread like this:


These piles then seem to find their way onto whatever I’m sewing, my clothes, socks and somehow every corner of the house. I finally decided to solve the problem by making a thread catcher. I found a great tutorial by The Sewing Chick and I set to work. I used Essex yarn dyed linen and cut the rectangles from my scrap bin.


It came together very quickly and almost doesn’t need a lining.Image

I’m very happy with the final product and have already put it to use!



A nice and quick project for a lazy afternoon. Happy Victoria Day!


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