Baby Time!

It’s been a while! I have been waiting all week to take pictures, but by the time I get home, the sun has gone down or it has been raining. Inside it is.

This quilt is for a friend who is having a girl at the end of November. My first baby-sized quilt, and I LOVE how quickly this sews together (once I got over the agony of colour, pattern and placement… but I think I have quilt commitment issues since the combinations always seem endless).

P1020416 (2)    P1020426

I have to give a significant amount of credit to Emily… I think I had about 4 of the patterned fabrics in my stash, and she let me root through hers to find the best baby ones. The fabric donation, combined with my haphazard style of purchasing fabric, means that unfortunately I have no idea what collections any of them come from. Except the toucans and jungle prints; those are  Birch Organics – Safari Soiree, and the sashing is all Kona solids.


Like the other quilts, this was quilted with cotton batting on the long-arm machine, this time using a paper pantograph design. I chose little people outlines, … which I also forgot to write down the name of. Scatterbrain much? Both top and bottom are quilted with Bottom Line – Superior Threads. We have been having a couple tension issues with the machine, and find that there are fewer problems with this thinner thread. I do love the King Tut thread colours too, so just have to work out the kinks.

P1020436   P1020437

The backing is a flannel bought from Fabricland. To make the binding a little sturdier for longtime baby use, I sewed it on the back first, then machine-stitched it to the front instead of hand stitching, and it turned out pretty well.


In taking pictures, I accidentally got this black and white shot, which surprised me to see the quilt just by the colour value. You can see that the pink, blue, and green sashing are the same.

Well, one last look for me, and then wrap up the quilt so it gets there before the baby!

– Stéphanie

One thought on “Baby Time!

  1. I love it! I’m glad you made good use of my fabric! If anyone’s interested, a lot of the animal fabric that you used from is from the ‘Urban Zoologie’ line.

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