Spring Fling

I finally finished this quilt! I found a pink floral print on a green background that I loved and picked plainer prints to go along with it. The floral print is mainly used for the border, while the plainer fabrics make up the busy centre.

I first starting piecing it a few years ago using the ‘Cheap Trick’ pattern from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. (altered it slightly to increase the size). The quilt top sat for a few years awaiting completion, so  when we got the longarm machine this was the first project I attempted.

Whole quilt

I called it Spring Fling because of the bright and cheerful colours, and even got around to embroidering a label.

Quilt tag detail

I used a pantograph for the quilting pattern to create a design of flowers and loops. A closer view of the pattern:

IMG_1513  IMG_1546


I used a bright pink fabric from the patchwork as the binding. There is something satisfying about a neatly folded, finished quilt!


– Emily

Edit: I found the picture I had of the quilting in progress! Just over one row left to go!

On the longarm


2 thoughts on “Spring Fling

    • The backing is a bit boring. It’s only a pink print and the quilting pattern isn’t all that visible. I did take pictures, but they weren’t that interesting so I left them out. In the picture of the label you can see a bit of it around the edges.

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