Lesson #2: Efficiency in quilting

I had two baby quilt tops that had been sitting in my sewing room for almost year, waiting to be quilted. I had limited time on the long arm machine this weekend so my mom suggested loading both on the machine frame to speed up the process. I was skeptical at first, but I thought I’d give a try. Here’s what I did: I sewed the backings together. They each had about six inches to play with on the length so I wasn’t too worried about losing some fabric to the seam. I basted the two tops together so I could separate them on the frame.

Double quilt top

I loaded the backing and double-top onto the frame. I think my math was non-functional when I made the first backing, so it was the same width as the quilt top. To make sure these lined up, I loaded everything so that this quilt would be done first and had to be extra careful of the edges.

Backing loaded onto the frame

The bungee clips got in the way a lot, so I will probably trim these edges about an inch so that it looks nice. I proceeded to quilt as normal until I got to the end. At this point, I took out the basting and rolled the second quilt back out of the way and finished quilting the first top.

Taking out the basting

From here, it was easy since all I had to do was pin the second quilt and continue the machine quilting as if it was the only one on the frame.

Starting the second top

A few hours after loading both quilt, I was finished and had one mega-baby quilt!

Mega-quilt   Mega-quilt back

All that’s left to do now is to trim the excess fabric and batting and bind the edges. I do think it was quite a bit faster, and it’s nice to set up the machine once and keep working through. I promised to credit my mom (Michèle) – so thanks for the time-saving idea, Mom! I will definitely be doing this again!


p.s. These quilts are numbers 19 and 20 tops completed on the long arm machine since we got it last summer!

Finished quilts!

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